Welcome to RECGASM.COM

Welcome to Recgasm 2.0

There are a few exciting changes. First of all these changes should help with the stability of recordings.

Your recordings will get cached locally. This is to ensure that network failures etc. won't endanger your recording progress.
Please note that this requires a semi-modern browser to work. If the site isn't working for you please consider changing your browser.

Additionally we decided to cap the maximum number of concurrent recordings to one per user. This should ensure a more stable service for everyone.

If you want more concurrent recordings you might be interested in our VIP program. You can also find out more on Patreon. Please also keep in mind that contributions from users like you are the only thing that keeps this site running without having to plant ads all over it.


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How to use

Step 1

Paste the username of a stream into the text box above and press "record". You can retrieve the username from the end of a stream URL. e.g.

Step 2

Press the "Record" button

Step 3

Once the recording is finished or canceled with the "Stop" button it will download automatically.


This website only provides the software to save a recording of livestreams. We do not own any of the content that is acquired through the use of this website. Every recording is property of their copyright holders and should only be saved with permission from their owners. We do not condone the use of this site to download copyrighted material without consent. We are not affiliated with any of the compatible livestreaming websites.


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